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. >>> the man accused of the colorado shooting may have used colorado to set up his plan. >>> thunder and lightning off to the east, what about the week ahead, cooler or warmer? >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday july 23rd i am pam cook. >> and steve has a forecast just for you since you are back from vacation. >> it has to be better here than it was there. >> well most lows are pushing off towards stockton, 60s to 90s and there is a rip roaring low coming up and we will take a look at that and coming up. >> the coliseum no major problems and also if you are looking at the san mateo that traffic is moving nicely although they are moving nicely. >>> new details, jeanine we just learned there is more than one victim, right? >> reporter: yes. let me show you what is going on. police have this area cordoned off to at least julian where mid-block where the shooting took place shots were fired and police are searching around the area talking to any witnesses to find out what happened inside this home. we are joined now from the san jose police department,
and wounded and -- in one of the worse mass shootings in u.s. history. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. as aurora struggles to heal, president obama speaks to those who lost loved ones. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the president said he came not only as president but also as a father and a husband. he said family shared tears, accepted hugs but also shared laughter as they recalled their loved ones. seven people remained in critical condition tonight in the hospital. president obama visited today during his stop in colorado. meantime a huge crowd showed up to honor those who did not survive. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at that vigil and tells us what the governor did not say about the suspect, eric. >> reporter: we've seen some incredible tributes to the victim's really since we got here on friday. just take a look at the crosses, they were brought in by the same man who brought in cr
. >>> the man accused of a colorado movie theater, how he used connections to set up his plan. >>> and president barack obama will fly out later and we will have more on why he is in the bay area and we will tell you what road closures you can expect. >>> and there is a hot weather weekend and thunder activity off to the east and we will talk about a big cooling trends, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, pam is back, it is monday july 23rd, good morning, you gave the right forecast and you were right on other parts of the country. >> it was 70 degrees? >> it was not refreshing. >>> and this time of year you have fog and there is a little bit of thunderstorm activity and should push off to the east but it is clipping off towards stockton, still low-to-mid 80s inland. >>> good morning, this is video of an accident and they had to rescue drivers who were hit by a big-rig which happened as both vehicles were leaving interstate 880 and they slammed into a honda accord. the driver of the honda ha
of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from denver area stores almost two months ago, and even tried to become a member of a gun range last month. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it just like we would any other case. >> reporter: the prosecutor says holmes could face the death penalty. however, that decision could be weeks or months away and will require some consulting with the victims and their families. in centiniel, colorado. >> many family members of the shooting victims went to court to get their first look at james holmes. relatives were escorted in. there's word today that a 21-year-old pregnant woman who narrowly escaped friday uninjured is in labor with the baby expected to be delivered today. the woman's husband was shot in the head and remains hospitalized in critical condition. we will
for to us get hose line s to the fire. >> the first thing was get my kid out of there. >> the cause is under investigation. the red cross is helping displaced victims. >> only on 2 an oakland police officer in miss patrol car ended up inside an office building. lorraine blanco has more now on the collision that sent that officer to the hospital. lorraine? >> reporter: dave, witnesses woke up to a wild scene in the middle of the night out here. the officer is going to be okay. you can see there are still pieces of his squad car on the ground. just before 1:00 a.m., oakland police were looking for two robbery suspects. on the way to the scene, an officer collided with a prius heading north on park boulevard. the impact ended with the oakland police car crashing into an h & r block. police are not sure who was at halt but witnesses confirm the lights and sirens were blaring before the crash. >> i was at my home next door and i heard sirens and then about five, seconds later, i heard a boom. >> reporter: the officer was -- the officer was transported to highland hospital, just at a -- just as a
that will continue to settle. engineers tell us buildings with shallow foundations continue to sag and sink. while most high rises have finished settling or have less than a foot to go. the lack of solid ground under many san francisco buildings is of course not a new problem. as tara reported it was clear after the 1906 quake that some buildings were not just on shaky ground but on sinking ground. in 1995, diane wire reported on a new map that showed which areas were the most in danger. >> reporter: there's nothing quite like a beautiful sunny day in san francisco. these are views famous around the world. but today, geologists introduced us to a new color code of san francisco. the red represents the bay mud or landfill areas which are the least stable and therefor the most dangerous. the yellow represent sand, the green sheet rock and the blue represents bedrock the most stable. just to give you an idea of this map. this two story home is built on bedrock. directly across the street, the high rise apartment building is built on sand. much of the finings are expected. russian hill is bedrock. but
tomorrow taking us into the entire rest of the week it looks quiet temperatures will settle in no extreme one way or the other, pam. >> 4:38 is the time right now a fatal officers involved shooting, the reason an angry crowd reacted. >>> and people coming together after losing a father in a tragic accident. >>> the bay area commute looks good and we will have more on the bay area weather stay tuned. . >>> they are going to announce fines against penn state and joe paterno did not stop jerry sandusky from sexually abusing boys. yesterday the statue of joe paterno was removed from the stadium. >> this is drawing the attention away from people who should be taking more responsibility and blame. >> penn state said the college library named after joe paterno will remain as is. they will announce fines of more than $30 million as well as a postseason bowl band and scholarship reductions. >>> and it now marks the spot where joe paterno once stood. it says they may he race you from this site but never from our hearts. it is now in a good location. >>> they are trying to figure out what caused a b
that will analyze people as they respond to this robot when it makes faces. >> can they use this for anything other than freaking the two of us out? >> yes, they can. it can be used for you a tusaut therapy. kids with autism often times are more open for things that are not human. it is easier for them to communicate with the robot. >> good f this technology can help out autistic technog good. evenhough she's ugly. >> not as>> still crepey, but i about it. >> and it answers the question, why. >>> this video was titled dad's first attempt at zip lining. look at what happens. >> oh. wait a second. what happened there? >> how do you mess up zip lining? >> it wasn't supposed to happen that way. >> did he do that purposely? he comes up with a smile. maybe that was just his style. >> who knows. maybe he's just a really good sport. i have a feeling if i did this, i would come up with a smile, too, because it's funny. >> at the end he pulls himself up easily and gets back to the other ledge. maybe he was doing it to clown around. >> i think he thought this was a roller coaster where you could put your hand
and get out of the water. guys who go into the water are the u.s. coast guard. the guys in the u.s. coast guard in oregon show them going into places where we don't want to go. into crazy weather, bad environments. look at some of the conditions they encounter in their bode. >> we see a lot of these videos. the coast guard rescues never seem to amaze us. >> most people would freak out on the water. to them, it's just another day on the job. >> look at the swells at the bow of the boat. every one has their own personal handle that they grab on. a lot of the rescues are the helicopter with the dry line, they make it look easy. these guys are getting into the thick of it. just neat to see. i imagine hearing ing "baywatch theme song. >> "baywatch"? they never performed a rescue like this. >> nobody is out there with a red buoy and short red shorts like david hasselhoff. i love hasselhoff, but these guys are a little tougher. >> these guys put themselves in dang danger. you know what is at the top of their skill list? >> tell me. >> brave. >> they don't hesitate. they hit it, no matter what th
is under investigation. >> firefighters could use help from mother nature. let's check in with mark. >> if you live inland you already know the worry, the heat. temperatures have been going up in to the 90s and the fires, triple ticket temperatures yesterday and for today. the entire weekend. we have the clear sykes over the bay but the fog will be on the increase. closer information now. it's 102 degrees in sacramento. vacaville at 103. back the maps out. show you this it, there is a satellite, that's the other extreme of the temperature range. the cool marine air near the coastline. fog hugging parts of the coast especially south of pillar point. as far as temperatures locally just updated. you can seat 90s inland near fairfield, concord and livermore. not much change here. we had triple digit heat there yesterday. san francisco 67, san jose in the lower 80's. for today a -- the laner rain layer and temperatures cooling off for the coast. look what happens over the next 12 hours, the marine layer deepens and cooler temperatures in the forecast over the next few days, overnight lo
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10